Paris Photo New York

1 - 5 April 2020

Amid concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair has been postponed to April 2021.


Marshall Contemporary Los Angeles presents the first solo exhibition of Canadian photographer Jakob de Boer's series Where Ravens Cry, his largest body of work to date. Originally scheduled for exhibition as part of Paris Photo New York's inaugural edition, the gallery's virtual presentation offers the first in-depth display of prints from the series in the US, along with a massive 3-meter wide multi-panel piece.

Made during a two-year period over eight extensive trips to Canada's Pacific Northwest and prompted by a fascination with its myths, de Boer immersed himself in this world to understand why a mythology comparable to that of the Greco-Roman era was birthed out of this remote region. The result is a sweeping narrative: an immersive story that unfolds through forty-eight large-scale photographs, revolving around themes of life, death, memory, and transformation, often fused into de Boer's prints with motifs from the world he encountered. Through this series, de Boer examines a world few have seen, at a poignant time when the region faces the logging of ancient forests and the invasion of pipelines. Each photograph from the series is a toned gelatin silver print from small editions, handcrafted in Paris by the artist alongside master printer Diamantino Quintas. 

Published by Nazraeli Press (2019), "WRC presents a hauntingly soulful exploration of the mythology and mysticism of Canada's Pacific Northwest; a visual anthropology invoking the spiritual significance of the region's ancestral lands and legends."