A Composition of Possibilities : Fabiola Menchelli, Miguel G. Counahan, Andrea Martínez

19 March - 30 April 2022

Marshall Gallery is pleased to present the forthcoming group exhibition A Composition of Possibilities, featuring new collaborative work by three Mexico-City-based artists: Andrea Martínez, Fabiola Menchelli, and Miguel G. Counahan. Curated by Leslie Moody Castro, the exhibition debuted last Fall at the Houston Center for Photography and now travels to Los Angeles with an opening reception at the gallery on Saturday, March 19th from 4-7pm. The artists and curator will be present.

Press release

Light, landscape, phenomenology and the cosmos act as points of intersection in the experimental, photo-based work of Menchelli, Martínez, and Counahan. As three emerging artists in Mexico City, they have positioned themselves as confronting and reviving a dialogue on photography as an artistic practice there. Often an underrepresented medium and considered somewhat antiquated in Mexico, the three artists are pushing the boundaries of what a photographic process can be by bending the rules and definitions of what traditional means.


“Martínez, Menchelli, and Counahan push against the pictorial traditions that have long weighed heavily upon Mexican and Latinx art, providing a refreshing insight into the contemporary artistic culture of the vibrant Mexican capital. Oscillating between abstraction and landscape photography, the three artists share common interests in the investigation of light, its impact on matter, and on our perception of space.”          

 – Houston Center for Photography


The twenty-three works on view span various processes often evidencing the physical labor of the artists including altered pigment prints, textural photogravures and vibrant cyanotypes. The exhibition marks the first-time collaboration between the artists, and the first exhibitions in Los Angeles for Andrea Martínez and Miguel G. Counahan. Fabiola Menchelli exhibited with Marshall Gallery in 2021. 


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Installation Views