Through personal connections to a diverse, international network of gallerists, artists, collectors and specialists, Marshall Contemporary is able to provide art advisory and acquisition services specializing in rare photography prints with the ability to source works from 19th Century to Contemporary with a specialty in Humanism, Landscape, American 20th Century and German photography. Please contact us if you are seeking a specific work/artist or for further information regarding private collector consultations, special projects, and curatorial assistance. Additionally, Marshall Contemporary can assist collectors in coordinating crating, shipping logistics, framing, storage, and installation services through the most dedicated fine art teams in Los Angeles and abroad.



consulting for Photographers

Marshall Contemporary offers private portfolio reviews and consulting with emerging fine art photographers conducted in person in Los Angeles or on Skype / Zoom. For most situations, an initial 1-2hr session is recommended to analyze the artist's various projects, conceptual approaches, printing processes, and overall goals at length. Furthermore, the artist will receive valuable insight into the best practices for approaching and then navigating relationships with prospective galleries.  Please contact us for an appointment or further information regarding these services and pricing.


  • One-on-one portfolio reviews
  • Editions and inventory management
  • Insight on seeking gallery representation
  • Exhibition and installation logistics
  • Production of special artist projects
  • Honest and constructive feedback






Despite his bewildering love of weak coffee... Douglas' honest and articulate insight has been an invaluable asset in developing bodies of work, gallery relationships, and online strategies. He is kind, yet direct, and is well versed in the nuanced language of artistic expression.

- Jeffrey Conley, Artist


Had the opportunity to participate in a portfolio consultation at the gallery with the owner, Douglas Marshall. It was an incredible experience where he offered so much knowledge and detailed insight into my work and the future steps that I need to take. I highly recommend it!

Mara Magyarosi-Laytner, Artist


While beginning to navigate the complex landscape of the photography art world, Douglas’ council, and friendship, has exposed me to artwork, institutions, and people that I would have otherwise spent years trying to find. Of all the lessons and understanding I’ve gained through knowing Douglas, the most profound insight was something that no one else has suggested, “the final piece”. Douglas encouraged me to turn my unfocused portfolio into an outline, and eventually, into a story that could stand on its own.

- Joshua Huval, Artist