Albarrán Cabrera

Photographic Syntax
Albarrán Cabrera, 2022
Albarrán Cabrera: Photographic Syntax
Publisher: The(M) éditions and IBASHO
Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.75 in.
Pages: 198
ISBN-13: 979-10-95424-33-8
$ 90.00

The images that make up Albarrán Cabrera's latest book ‘Photographic Syntax’, function as the notebooks of their visual research. Together with the texts, the photographs testify to the use of photographic processes as a means of going deeper into the reasons and thoughts behind the images.

Photographs: Albarrán Cabrera
Texts: Albarrán Cabrera
Artistic direction: Line Célo
Year: 2022, Second Edition 2023